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Computer consultants professional indemnity insurance

We understand the risks you face on a daily basis and that you may find you need professional indemnity as a business backup.

Why us?

  • Get your computer consulting business covered from £100*
  • Retroactive cover available
  • Flexible levels of indemnity
  • Established since 1990
  • UK based call centres
  • Price Match Guarantee 

*Based on a Computer Consultant rated Type 7. For a limit of indemnity of £50,000 on an Aggregate Claims made basis...

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What is computer consultant insurance?

Computer consultant insurance protects yourself and your business should an incident or issue occur. As a consultant that is often responsible for individuals’ personal data and even expensive computer equipment, having suitable insurance is a must to cover you for an incident for which you may be liable.

As with any consultancy job, there are risks attached to working as a computer consultant. This includes fallout and financial losses as a result of accidental mistakes or errors that occur during your work. In a varied job where anything from technical support to software development is the norm, there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong. With the right insurance in place, you can mitigate these concerns and ensure you’re covered for an array of eventualities. provides policies that are designed to suit the specific requirements and risks of computer consultants. Should an issue or problem occur, and you find yourself liable, our insurance is there to ensure the cost to your business remains as low as possible.

Who needs computer consultants insurance?

If you work as a professional sole trader in the computer consultancy industry, then it’s a must to have specific insurance to cover the risks, requirements and problems that arise as part of your day-to-day business. For many small businesses, one claim can be enough to lead to bankruptcy if you don’t have the correct insurance in place.

As a vital role required by many modern companies, computer consultancy involves working directly with expensive systems and technologies to provide management or computer-based services. As such, one single mistake can cost your client thousands of pounds or more in lost business.

Whether you own a business or work alone, having insurance in place can ensure that even situations in which you are liable won’t leave you out of business. If you work with external companies in any capacity as a computer consultant, then having the right insurance in place is best practice.

What does computer consultants insurance cover?

The specific types of computer consultant insurance we can provide to you depends on the exact things you need to be covered. Our base insurance offers protection against liability for day-to-day work in which incidents or mistakes may occur, ensuring you have peace of mind when it comes to dealing with clients.

For agencies of specialist firms or consultants, employers’ liability insurance may be an additional requirement that we also offer, with a minimum of £5 million legally required. Our public liability insurance is available in addition to our standard insurance, as part of the duty of care that a business has to the public in addition to suppliers, customers or visitors. Starting at £1 million, this extra cover is vital for consultants working with physical technology or property.

Our aim at is to provide computer consultants with cover that is ideally suited for the needs of your business. The policies we include cover everything from differently sized projects to accidents or incidents, covering your needs to ensure your business is safe from liability costs.


  1. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  2. UK-based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  3. We are proud to be a UK Top 100 Independent Insurance Brokerage
  4. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year
  5. 30,000+ customers bought from us and trust with their insurance
  6. Dedicated account manager

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