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Commercial legal and tax investigation insurance

When the going gets tough, commercial legal and tax investigation insurance can provide help and support when you need it most.

Why should you trust us for your commercial legal and tax investigation insurance?

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Support for your business

When you’re running a small business, you might find you need a little bit of help and advice, which can be indispensable at times. That’s where commercial legal and tax investigation insurance could help.

With possible legal disputes arising from customers, suppliers or even members of the public, as well as the complexity of your tax liability, obligations for maintaining suitable employee protection, and the endless list of legalities to comply with. The support you obtain from commercial legal and tax investigation insurance can assist you in keeping your business going.

At, we recognise the importance of your having the necessary access to legal services – without those costs forever eating into your operating budget. Our commercial legal and tax investigation insurance has the ability to help you with this.

What can I expect from commercial legal and tax investigation insurance?

When you require legal support, you can expect us to be there for you, knowing that the cost of that support has been safely covered by your business insurance.

More specifically, some of the services which are likely to be included in your legal support package may be the following:

Compliance and regulation

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, and as nimble as they are, are still being caught up in a growing volume of rules, regulations and legal jargon. This is where commercial legal and tax investigation insurance comes into play. It has the ability to help ensure that you stay on right side of law and help you understand the impact that these changes may have on your business.

Business disruption and loss of earnings

Being involved in any legal proceedings can potentially be costly and time-consuming, but could also lead to your business losing a large amount of income as you may have to attend court for a hearing, in addition to potentially hiring lawyers and other legal professionals. This element of the policy aims to get you a degree of compensation due to the disruption caused to the business; this could include being called for jury service. 

Tax and legal advice

There is no way around it, tax matters are complicated. You don’t want the taxman giving you a tall fine, but you also don’t want to be paying more than you need to. Finding the right and lawful balance through the appropriate advice is something this element of the insurance could provide.

Employees extra protection

If you have employees, then you are legally obligated to hold a minimum amount of £5 million employers’ liability insurance to meet claims from their injuries at work, or from contracting an illness or medical condition due to an issue associated with their employment.

There’s a host of additional responsibilities in your relationship with your employees where legal advice and support may be necessary.

Guides and legal documents

Our commercial legal and tax investigation insurance provides you with a large resource of guides and legal documents to help assist you where needed. It follows various elements of legalities relating to your business and comes with the ability to download legal documents from topics such as Health & Safety.

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