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  • Specialist commercial van broker service and experience
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What is VW van insurance?

Often considered the workhorse of the van world, VW vans are popular choices for tradespeople in many different industries, from plumbers to electricians, construction workers to specialist services. VW van insurance offers cover for those who use VW vans for business purposes and based on our expertise and knowledge of this particular brand of vehicle, we can help you find a suitable policy that meets your needs.

As with any van cover, VW van insurance covers the basics needed for the use and management of a works vehicle, such as third-party cover, which covers you for the damage of property or injury of others when operating the van.

At constructaquote.com, we’re experts when it comes to VW vans. That’s why our insurance options are specifically geared towards providing drivers with the best possible insurance for their personal needs, rather than offering one generic insurance option for everyone.

Who needs VW van insurance?

If you drive a VW van, then having insurance isn’t optional. Under the law, it’s required that all van drivers hold at least a third-party insurance for their vehicle to ensure third parties are protected in the event that you or one of your drivers causes injury or damage to them or their property whilst driving the van. For businesses that use VW vans, taking that insurance to the next level is also vital to ensure you are covered against most eventualities.

With many VW vans not coming at a low price, covering your vehicle for theft, vandalism, accidental damage and fire, is a must. Beyond your legal obligations, you should invest in comprehensive cover on your van if you use it for day-to-day work tasks or transportation of goods, to ensure you’re not liable should an incident occur during travel or on-site.

Anyone who owns a VW van and uses it for work purposes needs VW van insurance. The exact level of cover you need, however, depends on your exact job requirements and personal preference.

What does VW van insurance cover?

While only third-party insurance for injury or damage is a legal requirement, there’s a lot more you can cover when it comes to protecting your vehicle. A comprehensive insurance plan can offer far more to businesses to ensure peace of mind when it comes to using expensive VW vans for work purposes, which can include cover for loss and damage so you have the peace of mind knowing repairs or replacement of the vehicle are affordable.

In addition, VW van insurance can include medical expenses cover, windscreen replacement/repair and breakdown cover. For couriers or delivery businesses, the addition of goods in transit insurance can also be provided to ensure a further layer of protection. For comprehensive VW van insurance suited to your business, constructaquote.com is the ideal choice. Ensuring your company covered is a must to ensure you can enjoy your vehicle for longer, and keep your business running smoothly.


  1. Option to cover for hire and reward
  2. Specialist commercial van broker service and experience
  3. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  4. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected

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These include:

  • Micro/Small/Light – used to carry small loads or deliveries. The front end is similar to a car, but with a van back, and sometimes with a raised roof.
  • Medium/Panel – van derivative of a car, looks like the van equivalent with the back windows filled. Load area and cab are joined.
  • Large/Box – similar shape to the medium vans with a larger carrying capacity, load area is segregated from the cab.
  • Pick-up – cab with an open back, where the load is uncovered.

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Yes, breakdown cover can be arranged please call 08081 68 68 68 to get a quote.

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Yes, our insurers have specific insurance policies set up designed for couriers. In addition, we can also provide goods in transit cover to give you total peace of mind. 

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When quoting for there are some slight differences as insurers have to include some of the following added risks:

  • The total weight of the loaded vehicle.
  • The size, type or nature of the contents carried i.e. hazardous load.
  • Modifications such as lifting ramps.
  • Ownership of the contents within i.e. do the goods belong to the vehicle owner?

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