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Hotel insurance

As a business that is dedicated to service you'll appreciate what our hotel insurance can offer you.

Why us?

  • Whatever sector of the hospitality industry is your business, we are able to arrange insurance cover for you
  • Providing a level of service from our UK based contact centre in south Wales
  • It is a service backed since 1990
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What is hotel insurance?

Hotel insurance is an essential part of entering, or continuing to operate, in the service industry. Normal insurance packages cover your duty of care to guests and customers, the safety of your staff, and the integrity of your building in the case of fire or property damage.

Holding the correct insurance policy means you will be covered in the event of accident, injury, or individual claimants. No matter how big or small your property, failing to secure the correct policy can leave you open to claims or criminal damages; with little recourse to pay out to customers or mitigate reputational damage.

Whether you are involved with the running of a large chain, small B&B, or considering stepping into the market with novel platforms such as AirBnB, it is essential to make an informed choice about your policy. If you want to find out more about your risks and some of the issues you may face, our in-house team will be more than happy to work with you to find a specific policy that works for your needs and the unique demands of your property.

Who needs hotel insurance?

Any individual or company that operates a public facing business should have relevant, appropriate insurance to cover themselves in the event of unforeseen accident and injury.

While you may be a smaller, private hotel, making sure that any individual that comes into contact with your business is fully covered. This can be as simple as a supplier delivering food and cleaning items, cooking staff, visitors, and even your nearby neighbours who may border on your property.

Making sure that you take the time to cover these variables can help protect your business from claims and subsequent payments for damages. In order to help accommodate this, our policies start at £1m and escalate up to £10m for public liability insurance; helping you find the right coverage when you need it most.

What does hotel insurance cover?

While there are many forms of hotel property, professional insurance is broadly bracketed into three simple categories. These include-

Public liability insurance: As a hotelier, you and your team have a duty of care when it comes to meeting your customer’s needs. If any individuals are injured or have their property damaged by direct action of members of your team, you can find yourself open to substantial claims.

Building and contents insurance: The integrity of your hotel is important for maintaining the safety of your guests and making sure that you enjoy repeat custom. Taking our insurance can help you maintain your property in the event fire, flood, wilful damage, or theft.

Employers' liability insurance: Any business owner’s duty of care extends to their employees. This includes making sure that they are safe and able to carry out their responsibilities in a risk-free environment. If incidents do occur, having employer’s liability insurance means that you will be covered in the event of a compensation claim or in the event of sickness or ongoing care.


  1. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  2. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  3. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year

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