FAQs - Plant & Material Insurance

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Do I need insurance for plant & material?

Working in the construction industry means you are likely to do contractual work and, as a contractor, you will be responsible for the works prior to handing them over to the customer. If you have builders on site, Contractors All Risk insurance could provide cover for the contract works and loss of or damage to your plant machinery and tools.

Things can and do go wrong, so make sure you benefit from plant and material insurance cover.

What is included under tool cover with plant & material insurance

Tool cover with plant & material insurance provides protection against accidental & malicious damage, and theft affecting contract works. This includes work in progress, your tools, and materials on site – both fixed and unfixed.

What if my plant is hired-in?

The tool cover available with our plant & material insurance policies can provide cover for both owned and hired-in plant. When you complete your details you’ll need to specify the level of cover you require, and we’ll compare policies that meet your requirements.

How do I get a policy?

To arrange a plant and material (also known as contractors all risks) insurance policy, simply fill out our easy to use Contractors All Risk insurance form, or call our UK sales team on 08081 686868 and we will provide you with the best quote we can.