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There are currently thousands of vans registered in the UK; all of these vans require at least the legal minimum level of cover to be able to lawfully drive on UK roads. constructaquote.com provide quotes from a number of specialist van insurers to help you get you the cover that's right for you.

Why us?

  • Van insurance from £149*
  • Specialist commercial van broker service and experience
  • Option to cover for hire and reward
  • Large panel of insurers with optional extras for you and your business

Based on a quote on 13/8/2018 for a Vauxhall Astravan owner born in 1970 with no convictions and 9 years no claims bonus...

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What is van insurance?

Vans come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share the same thing. They need to be insured.

The type of cover you choose can depend on what you care about. From third party which only covers third parties, to full comprehensive cover which can help cover your vehicle in different ways. We can help you find the policy that best suits you.

A van is the truly all-purpose vehicle. It might be used to get you and your employees from one place to another; it might be used to transport your own materials, supplies, tools and equipment from one site to another; or it might even be used to carry a customer’s goods from one address to another. It is hardly surprising that the humble van is so important.

Who needs van insurance?

If you have a van, it needs to be insured. The law is unequivocal on that score and makes it a requirement even if the van is parked and kept off road – unless you have obtained an official statutory off road notification confirming that you are not going to be using it.

Whatever the temptation to cut corners and duck this legal requirement, it is likely to come at a high price and one to be ignored at your peril. The law imposes stiff penalties if you are the keeper of a vehicle that does not have the legal minimum of third party insurance. If that vehicle is being driven whilst uninsured, the penalties are even stiffer.

So, you decide to play by the game and arrange cover for your van. That leaves you with the decision of whether to restrict the level of insurance to the legal minimum of third party cover only or seek to provide the greater protection of third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive insurance.


What does van insurance cover?

If your cover is limited to third party only, you are able to meet any claim from a third party who might be injured or have their property damaged as the result of the way your van has been driven, but this level of insurance offers no protection to the vehicle itself.

For that, you might need third party, fire and theft insurance, which – just as the term suggests – also provides protection against the risk of the vehicle being damaged or destroyed by fire or stolen.

In recognition of the pivotal role your van may be playing in the essential day to day operations of your business – and the difficulties you might face without it – you might choose comprehensive insurance. This protects the vehicle against many forms of damage and helps to ensure that the funds for repairs or replacement are readily available following any accident.



  1. Specialist commercial van broker service and experience
  2. Option to cover for hire and reward
  3. Large panel of insurers with optional extras for you and your business
  4. Dedicated customer support with a UK based contact centre
  5. Ability to cover fleet

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These include:

  • Micro/Small/Light – used to carry small loads or deliveries. The front end is similar to a car, but with a van back, and sometimes with a raised roof.
  • Medium/Panel – van derivative of a car, looks like the van equivalent with the back windows filled. Load area and cab are joined.
  • Large/Box – similar shape to the medium vans with a larger carrying capacity, load area is segregated from the cab.
  • Pick-up – cab with an open back, where the load is uncovered.

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Yes, breakdown cover can be arranged please call 08081 68 68 68 to get a quote.

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Yes, our insurers have specific insurance policies set up designed for couriers. In addition, we can also provide goods in transit cover to give you total peace of mind. 

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When quoting for there are some slight differences as insurers have to include some of the following added risks:

  • The total weight of the loaded vehicle.
  • The size, type or nature of the contents carried i.e. hazardous load.
  • Modifications such as lifting ramps.
  • Ownership of the contents within i.e. do the goods belong to the vehicle owner?

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