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What is pick-up truck insurance?

Pick-up truck insurance is a form of legal protection specifically designed to cover vehicles which have a front cab and a separate open-cargo area at the back. Insurers tend to class pick-up trucks as vans, which means it can be beneficial when looking for quotes to search for dedicated van insurance.

The type of pick-up truck insurance you require will depend on how you use your truck. Insurers differentiate between social-only use, carriage of goods for hire, carriage of own goods or haulage cover. It’s important to understand that selecting a social-only policy will not cover you for commuting to and from jobs – even if you travel to a single place of work every day. When choosing the right policy, it pays to be honest with prospective insurers, as this way you’ll have complete peace of mind that you will be covered in the event of an accident.

Who needs pick-up truck insurance?

Anybody who drives a pick-up truck on public roads is required, by law, to have a suitable insurance policy in place. Even if you only own a pick-up truck for recreational purposes and don’t use it for work, you will still need to be insured.

Pick-up trucks are used in all sorts of occupations for a variety of different purposes (for example, making deliveries, carrying tools, transporting equipment and so on). Pick-up truck owners who use their vehicle for working purposes may need additional cover, dependent on the nature of their work. Other factors, such as the type of cab, will influence the type of policy you require. For example, a double cab pick-up truck might need a different policy than a single cab one. If your pick-up truck is modified in any way (for example, with a winch on the back for towing vehicles) this could also affect the type of policy you need.

What does pick-up insurance cover?

Your pick-up truck insurance policy should reflect the nature of the use of your vehicle. For example, if you only intend to use your pick-up truck for recreational purposes (such as visiting friends, going shopping or taking part in activities) you will need a private pick-up truck insurance policy. Before choosing a policy, you should consider the level of cover you want. For example, a third-party policy will cover expenses encountered by another driver in the event of you causing an accident – but it won’t cover any repairs for your vehicle. For complete cover, a fully comprehensive policy is the best idea, even though it may cost slightly more.

If you use your vehicle for work, you will need to be covered by commercial pick-up insurance. Again, you will have several policy types to choose from. For example, a carriage of own goods policy will protect the cost of the goods being carried. However, to cover theft or damage to any tools or goods, it is recommended that you choose a separate business insurance policy in addition to your pick-up truck insurance.

Drivers who spend a lot of time delivering goods may want to consider a haulage or carriage of goods for hire/reward policy. Both policies are quite similar and are designed to protect drivers who perform multiple drop-offs/pick-ups during the course of a working day.


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These include:

  • Micro/Small/Light – used to carry small loads or deliveries. The front end is similar to a car, but with a van back, and sometimes with a raised roof.
  • Medium/Panel – van derivative of a car, looks like the van equivalent with the back windows filled. Load area and cab are joined.
  • Large/Box – similar shape to the medium vans with a larger carrying capacity, load area is segregated from the cab.
  • Pick-up – cab with an open back, where the load is uncovered.

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Yes, breakdown cover can be arranged please call 08081 68 68 68 to get a quote.

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Yes, our insurers have specific insurance policies set up designed for couriers. In addition, we can also provide goods in transit cover to give you total peace of mind. 

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When quoting for there are some slight differences as insurers have to include some of the following added risks:

  • The total weight of the loaded vehicle.
  • The size, type or nature of the contents carried i.e. hazardous load.
  • Modifications such as lifting ramps.
  • Ownership of the contents within i.e. do the goods belong to the vehicle owner?

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