FAQs - Shop insurance

Why do I need shop insurance?

Shop Insurance ensures complete peace of mind for your retail business. Within your shop insurance quote we can include public and employers liability cover, which will protect you against injury claims of members of your staff or the public entering your establishment.

What is business interruption insurance?

Included in your shop insurance quote is business interruption insurance.

Business interruption covers your retail business against those losses that occur following an insured loss. For example, if your retail business suffered a major fire and you couldn't trade, business interruption insurance could pay for your lost earnings or additional costs for this period.  For many shopkeepers, this is an essential part of their retail & shop insurance package.

Shop Insurance - Further Benefits

Seasonal increase on stock for any three months in the year up to £500,000.

Computer Cover

Provides cover including the breakdown of your computer equipment. This section can also be extended to include the increase in working expenses to right the damage and the cost of reinstating any lost data.

Goods in Transit

Cover for your goods or stock whilst in transit, over land or water, anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Cover includes:

Optional cover:

Glass - Provides cover for the breakage of all external and internal glass at your premises including sanitary fittings.

Cover includes:

Frozen Foods

Deterioration of foods following the breakdown of refrigeration units or accidental failure of the public electricity supply


Cover for your plant and machinery following damage.

Employee Dishonesty

Cover that protects you against loss of money and other property following theft or fraud by your employees

Business interruption

Interruption to your business following an insured loss under the Property Damage and Theft section, which results in reduced earnings and increased running costs.

This covers loss of trading profit due to interruption of the business arising from damage caused by an insured peril i.e. fire, flood etc., up to a typical period of twelve months.

Personal accident

Cover for you, your directors, partners and employees up to the age of 65 against accidental bodily injury. You can choose to protect on a named or unnamed persons basis.

Cover is provided on a 24 hour basis but for unnamed persons, you can restrict cover to an injury occurring at work.

Cover includes medical and surgery expenses up to 15% of weekly compensation.

Business travel

Cover for you and your employees whilst travelling on business:

Cover includes:

Is public &eEmployers liability insurance included?

Yes, public liability insurance is included up to a limit of £2,000,000 depending on Insurer, and employers liability Insurance is included up to a limit of £10,000,000.

Can you provide cover for my stock in the back of my vehicle?

Yes, all of our policies include Goods in Transit cover. A standard limit depending on the Insurer is usually £2,500 cover per vehicle. However, higher limits can be quoted for upon request.

Can you also supply quotations for Public Houses?

Yes, we have facilities with several Insurers to provide quotes for this type of property.

I’ve heard that by having Redcare alarm, this might reduce my premium. What is a Redcare alarm?

Redcare is a method of signally provided by British Telecom. This alarm system works on an active telephone line that allows full two-way communication when passing an alarm signal to an alarm receiving centre.  The line itself is also monitored, so if cut, a signal is sent to the alarm receiving centre notifying them of the situation. Redcare GSM is a more effective method where the alarm signal is sent via both the phone line and by radio waves.

What other forms of security can lessen the risk of theft?

24 Hour CCTV, bars or grills on windows and roller shutter doors all lessen the risk of theft.

Do you offer quotes with seasonal increases in stock?

The majority of the Insurers we use automatically include this within their policies usually up to an additional 30% increase during the Christmas & Easter periods.  Depending on the Insurer you select, the exact percentage will be stated in the policy summary.

How can I pay for my policy?

You can pay for any of our policies (subject to a deposit), by credit card, direct debit or by cheque.

Are there any forms to fill in?

No, all of our retail policies do not require the completion of a proposal form.

How do I get a policy?

constructaquote.com’s online quote comparison facility means that you simply enter your details once and our panel of insurers will provide competitive retail & shop insurance quotes for you to select from. You can also call our UK based sales team on 08081 686868.